2023: How Will The Lifting Of Twitter Ban Favour The Current Administration?


It’s no longer news that the Federal Government has lifted
the suspension of Twitter in Nigeria. Since the news broke
yesterday, many Nigerians on social media including this
platform have been of the opinion that this is connected with
the 2023 elections, some argued that they lifted the ban
because they know they need it to campaign for the
Now, as a neutral, I’ve found it difficult wrapping my head
around this argument, because recalling from previous
elections, one may say that if favours the current
administration more to continue with the suspension as many
who voted them into power do not even use the platform, in
fact, some of them don’t even know what it is used for or
how to use the platform.
Again, considering the fact that the government is aware that
many young and smart Nigerians use the platform for stern
criticism of the administration and could be an important
asset in exposing the negative activities going on the country
and thereby affecting their chances in the forth coming
How many Nigerians even follow government officials on
Twitter? Even those that follow them do so so as to have an
opportunity to criticize them directly.
So I’m still trying to figure out how this is related to the 2023
elections and I hope comments here can help.