Anthony Joshua Included In The New FIFA 22 Game


Football fans have been left baffled by EA Sports’
decision to include both Anthony Joshua and Lewis
Hamilton in FIFA 22.
The pair have both been given non-speaking cameo roles
in a short story-mode introduction when you first boot up
the game.
FIFA 22 takes a turn from the norm, and instead of being
thrown into a game, EA Sports have decided to welcome
you into the latest title with a short cut-scene – featuring
the two stars.
The cut scene then moves into a character creation
screen for the Volta mode.
But FIFA fans are baffled by the inclusion of the pair.
One fan tweeted: “Did anyone have Lewis Hamilton
appearing on FIFA on their 2021 bingo card?”
“Lewis Hamilton looks more realistic in Fifa 22 than the
actual f1 game,” another fan joked
Another added: “Big fan of EA taking in all our thoughts
and complaints on Fifa 21 and completely ignoring them
just to give us Dua Lipa and Lewis Hamilton in Volta.