Babandede Retires As Immigration CG, Idris Isah Jere Now Acting CG


Babandede Retires As Immigration CG, Idris Isah Jere Now
Acting CG bThe Comptroller General of the Nigeria Immigration
Service (NIS), Muhammad Babandede, has retired after
spending 36 years in service.
A Deputy Comptroller General in charge of Finance and
Account, Idris Isah Jere, will take over in an acting
capacity pending the appointment of a substantive
Comptroller General by President Muhammadu Buhari.
Babandede, who was appointed the Comptroller General
of the NIS on the 15th of May 2016, took over from Martin
Kure Abeshi.
He introduced many reforms in the Service with the
digitalisation of activities, decentralisation of passports
issuance and introduction of the Visa of Arrival policy top
on the list.
Speaking at a valedictory session organised in his honour
on Friday, Babandede said; “I have left Immigration better
than I found it.”
While acknowledging that he was able to achieve so much
as a result of the help he received from his personnel,
Babandede appealed to his successor not to “throw away
the ideas we stand for”.
He added: “Keep the good things and drop the bad ones.”
The retired CG, who promised to be an ambassador of the
NIS, said he will always be ready to assist whenever he is
called on by the Service.
Babandede spent five years and four months as the
Comptroller General of the Service.