Bags Of Money Uncovered At Ousted President Bongo’s Family Residence After Coup


After the coup in Gabon, revolutionaries uncovered suitcases and bags full of various banknotes in the ousted President, Ali Bongo’s family home.

They were found in Yann Ngulu’s house, the Chief of Staff of Nourredine Bongo and the eldest son of the deposed President.

In the video making the rounds on X app (formerly Twitter) posted on Wednesday, the bags could be seen filled with bundles of CFA francs, dollars and Euros.

A group of top Gabonese military officers on Wednesday appeared on television to announce that they had taken over power in the country following President Ali Bongo’s re-election after spending 14 years in power.

His father, Omar Bongo, was in power for 42 years. The Bongo family have been in power for a total of 56 years which led to the coup and has since caused outrage online.

Credit: X | Sprinter99800

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