Bobrisky: Money Is Far Better Than True Love, Don’t Settle For Less


Nigerian popular Crossdresser, Bobrisky has said he
doesn’t support the idea of a hardworking young lady
settling down with a poor guy all because of true love.
Bobrisky seems to be of the opinion of choosing money
over true love in his words “i didn’t come to Lagos to look
at the bridge there and that will only happen if his partner
will not knack or touch him during their relationship”.
Bobrisky shared a post saying “imagine telling your sister
hustling day and night at 25-30 years to look for a poor or
average man to settle down with just because she’s
looking for real love so she will waste all her years of
hustling as a single girl.”
Bobrisky went ahead to hit back at those who agree with
such mentality of a young hard working lady settling down
with a poor guy just because of true love saying they are
all mad for thinking that as for him, it’s a no.
However, there are some rich men who can also give true
love to women they fall in love with but mostly because of
their money they turn to be arrogant and that is why ladies
who have their own money are advised to settle down
with average guys who will love them.