The European Union is planning to soon tighten the procedures for getting a Schengen Visa for the nationals of Nigeria, as the latter is failing to play its part in the return and readmission of its nationals staying illegally in Europe. According to the EU Spokesperson for Foreign Affairs and […]

  WASHINGTON – The Senate on Wednesday voted to acquit President Donald Trump of both counts in his impeachment trial. Forty-eight senators, including one Republican, found Trump guilty of abuse of power, while 52, all Republicans, voted to acquit him. The president was also impeached on the charge of obstruction […]

Washington(CNN) President Donald Trump ignored — or didn’t see — House Speaker Nancy Pelosi’s attempt to shake his hand before Tuesday’s State of the Union address in an apparent snub that comes more than a month after House Democrats impeached Trump. Immediately after Trump finished his speech, the California Democrat […]