Ebonyians Are Grateful To Buhari And Won’t Partake In Any Sit At Home- Umahi


Ebonyians are Grateful to Buhari And Won’t Partake in any
Sit at Home- Umahi.
1 We will not go into any form of slavery.
2 There will be free movement throughout today, tomorrow,
and ongoing I have banned all forms of procession apart
from the one organized by the Local Government Chairmen
as they are profiling our people.
3 On Monday, the market must be operational. Any trader
that refuses to open will forfeit his or her store.
4 Ebubeagu has come to stay.
5 .Stakeholders should advise our children.
6They should not confront security agencies.
7Agitation doesn’t mean killing security agencies.
8 You should not be outside the country and vomiting
rubbish .
9 Freedom fighters should come down to the Southeast,
let’s discuss.
10 These six years have been very challenging. The
devaluation of the Naira and turbulent economy.
11 God has never left us.
12 We must thank the late Gen. Sani Abacha for the
creation of Ebonyi State. We deeply indebted to him .
13. The spirit of our founding fathers is devoid of
selfishness. We thank our founding fathers. Without them,
we will not be celebrating today.
14 We must thank the security agencies. We thank them for
the sacrifices they are making. I promise to do everything
possible to support them. The dreams of our founding
fathers have been realized.
15 From November, we will roll out our drums to celebrate.
We are postponing it to November.
16 President Buhari is good to Ebonyi State and we are not
afraid to say it. We are grateful as Ebonyi people .
17 Phase one has started. We are grateful to God for that
project. Abakaliki and the entire State will never be the
same any longer.”
Governor David Umahi of Ebonyi State live broadcast