Francis N’Gannou was born and raised in the village of Batié, West Region of Cameroon. He lived in poverty and had little formal education growing up.

Ngannou’s parents divorced when he was six, and he was sent to live with his aunt. At the age of 10, Ngannou started working in a sand quarry in Batié due to lack of funds.

He did various odd jobs to make ends meet, till the age of 26, when he decided to go to Paris, France 🇫🇷. upon arriving in Europe, he was imprisoned for two months in Spain for illegally crossing the border.

After Ngannou arrived Paris, he had no money, no friends, and no place to stay. After being homeless in the streets of Paris, he met Francis Carmont who introduced him to Fernand Lopez and the MMA factory. Being a fan of Mike Tyson, Ngannou was originally wanted to a boxer, but Lopez convinced him to go in for MMA instead.

He fought his way to the top of the UFC and earned $600,000 payout in his last fight as an MMA fighter. He eventually had to break up with his employers because they were not willing to pay him what he thought he was owed and did not accept his request to try professional boxing which paid better. They went bad with him and made him one last offer in these final stages.

The UFC ultimately agreed to give Ngannou a massive $8 million contract offer to fight Jon Jones, which would have been one of the best fights in the league. Surprisingly, he turned it down earlier this year and called him a “tr.uc” until he became a free agent.

Ngannou signed a deal with the Professional Fighterd League (PFL) and was given the freedom to pursue a boxing match on his own terms but gets equity in the company, a seat on the PFL athlete advisory board and he also became president of PFL Africa.

N’Gannou fights Tyson Fury tomorrow October 28th, the British professional boxer who has held the World Boxing Council (WBC) heavyweight title since 2020. With this fight, he will make more than $10 million as a professional boxer.

Mike Tyson trains him, and people like C. Ronaldo celebrate his achievements and determination.
He now eats on the same table with big people like Samuel Eto’o

Francis N’Gannou is already a legend😍

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