Fulanis Ready For War In Our Land, Yorubas Must Fight-Oba Akintunde Of Iseluland

The menaces of the herdsmen in Yorubaland has reached its
peak lately.
Several souls have been wasted due to a reprisal attack from
the herdsmen after Sunday Igboho after their community to
chased the Fulanis out of Eggua, a place in Ogun state.
This led to the visitations of a journalist to the palace of the
Iseluland. Iselu is a Yorubaland situated in the Yewa area of
Ogun state.
According to the king of Iseluland, Oba Akintunde Akinyemi,
the Eselu of Iseluland, makes clarity on the issue of the
herdsmen that the Yoruba should never think, what is on the
ground is a minor fight, that it is already turning into civil war.
He spoke thus: ” I want all the Yorubas to get up and prepare
to fight because the Fulanis have brought war to our land.
Presently, they have killed a person at Ketu, Igbogila and
Eggua. These people they killed are our people, thus what are
we still waiting for?
The only problems I see about Yoruba people is that we always
want to hear from our authority before we fight, but what is on
the ground is beyond waiting for a command.
The Fulani that is waging war against us, are our enemy
because Yoruba people are peaceful people, we don’t like
going into war without genuine reason; we like to
accommodate another tribe in our land, but the people we
accommodated are the one attacking us in our land.
Since I was born, all I know is that a person cannot be
enslaved on his or her land, is either a person is abducted and
taken to another land, but here the Fulanis are behaving as if
they own our land
In my land here, I have said it and I’m saying it again, Fulani
can never have upper hand in my land.
Some kings gave land to Fulanis, they are blaming themselves
I have said it, that I can’t give a meter of land to Fulani talkless
of a plot, let us be sincere how many Yorubas has been to
Fulani land to claim their land over there, thus what audacity
does a Fulani has to be demanding for land in our land.
The reason why I said I won’t allow Fulanis to take over my
land is that: when you give them land to graze, they will end
up, marrying your children, later they will begin to claim that
they have right to the thrown.
The only solution I will suggest is that state governments
should take herdsmen to a portion in a single local
government, with an agreement that they will be allowed to
make use of the land for their trade till the period will expire.
Such an agreement must still be understood that the land
does not belong to the Fulanis, because in future they will still
strive to claim the land.”
The king also advised, that if unity that is always enunciated is
not going to work, Nigeria should split so that peace can reign.
In conclusion, the king said the Fulanis are all over the
Yorubaland forestry and they fully prepared for war, so all
Yorubas should rise to defend their land.

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