Gov El-Rufai frustrated plans to rescue our children-parents of kidnapped school girls lament

“We were speaking to our children’s kidnappers; unexpectedly the kidnappers said they had been brought into the case by the government.

They said the government would settle them. Our issue has aggravated our claim by the governor in Abuja that the government was on top of the situation,” said a frustrated mother, Chukwuemeka Adindu, whose children were among those kidnapped from a private school in Kaduna State.

It’s 11 days since the abduction of six students and two Engravers College teachers, Kakau Daji, Kaduna State, and the abducted schoolchildren’s parents suspect Governor Nasir el-Rufai of aggravating the situation.

Adindu, speaking on behalf of other relatives, said during a press briefing at the Nigerian Union of Journalists ‘ secretariat in Kaduna on Monday, “We want to state clearly that the six abducted students and staff were not released.”

“The kidnappers went to the extent of playing the video about the comment made by the governor concerning the children. The school is private, and government is not negotiating. No government is involved in this. It is only us, the parents.

“We have been under torment for the past 11 days. We are letting the whole world know that we are not with the government. No one is helping us; we are alone on this cause.”