Governor Alex Otti Abandons Indigenous Company, Innoson As He Launches Operation Crush To Tackle Insecurity In Abia State


Governor Alex Otti’s choice to purchase Toyota Hilux for Abia’s Security Personnel instead of supporting the indigenous automobile company, Innoson Motors, is deeply regrettable and warrants widespread condemnation.

Opting for foreign vehicles instead of endorsing our domestic automobile industry is a missed chance to foster and uplift our local businesses

.Innoson Motors, a homegrown enterprise, has been tirelessly striving to compete globally and bolster Nigeria’s economic progress. Unfortunately, the governor’s decision directly undermines these commendable endeavors.

It’s imperative to bolster local enterprises to stimulate economic expansion and job opportunities. By prioritizing foreign automobiles over those manufactured locally, Governor Otti inadvertently fuels the outflow of capital, redirecting funds away from our economy.

This can have detrimental repercussions on employment opportunities and the overall trajectory of our economic advancement.

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