I used to sell akara with my mum, hoping big men would give me money – Don Jazzy


Don Jazzy has opened up about the driving force behind his success, revealing that his motivation stems from the memories of his days selling akara alongside his mother in Ajegunle. He reminisced about how he used to hope that the ‘big men’ would take notice of him and offer their support.

During his appearance on the Zero Conditions podcast, the renowned music producer expressed his skepticism towards individuals who claim to have endured significant hardships, suggesting that not everyone truly understands the depths of suffering.

He credited his formative years of selling akara with his mother as a pivotal influence that molded his perspective. He recounted how he would fervently pray to be noticed and assisted financially during those times.

Furthermore, Don Jazzy emphasized that his past experiences have led him to an unwavering commitment to help others.

Now that he has achieved success, he revealed that his history compels him to extend a helping hand to anyone he encounters, as well as contribute to the betterment of the community.

He mentioned that he identifies with those who are facing difficulties and feels compelled to make a positive impact. “It troubles me when people interact with me and leave without being touched in some way,” he expressed passionately.

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