Iran To Israel: Await Devastating Revenge For War Against Hamas


… As Netanyahu Vows To Erase Hamas

The Government of the Islamic Republic of Iran, Sunday, said that devastating revenge awaits Israel’s administration (who it describes as Zionist regime) in view of its ongoing war with Hamas militants operating from Gaza, a Palestine enclave.

Iran stated this via its X page on Sunday.

The Iranian government opposed Israel’s policy towards Palestinians including its ultimatum to migrate from Northern Gaza southwards, adding there will be revenge.

“The Foreign Ministers of Iran and Oman, in a phone call while discussing the situation in Gaza, emphasized their strong opposition to the policy of forced migration of Palestinian residents of the Gaza Strip.

“Condemning the Zionist regime’s genocide in Gaza, the Minister of Intelligence said: “Harsh and devastating revenge awaits the Zionist regime,” Iran’s government tweeted.

On the part of Israel, it has vowed to take down Hamas and its entire military infrastructure after the latter infiltrated Southern Israel and killed over a thousand persons including foreigners

Israel is also facing conflict with Hezbollah at its northern borders with Lebanon.

Israel’s position is that Iran’s government is backing and supporting Hamas and Hezbollah.

On Sunday, Israel Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu, visited the IDF Commando Brigade in the northern Israel.

He told them to sustain their military strategy until Hamas and all its enemies are “erased”

“You fought with exemplary heroism in Gaza. Your stories are very inspirational. I know that you lost comrades; this is very, very difficult but we are fighting for our lives, for our home. This is no exaggeration – this is war.

“We are now in a double battle. One battle is to block them here. The second battle is to win a crushing victory that will erase Hamas. To this end, for the moment you are holding the line here. But there in the south as well, your comrades are ready for any mission. You are ready here and they are ready there,” Netanyahu said as posted on the Israel PM Facebook page.

Meanwhile, the ongoing conflict between Israel and militants from Gaza and Lebanon has killed over 5,000 civilians.

The United Nations has sustained its call for a “ceasefire” by all the parties.

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