I’ve been through hell since I was a child – Annie Idibia


Annie Idibia, a popular Nigerian actress, has said that she has been through hell since she was a child. The actress recounted some of her childhood memories, claiming that she had a difficult upbringing.

While releasing a video collage of her childhood photos on her verified Instagram profile, the famed screen diva and wife of Nigeria’s legendary musician, 2baba, took to the caption area to disclose some of the hardships she suffered growing up in their “Boys Quarters residence in Mobil, VI.”

“Looking at the beautiful young Annie in these images is lovely,” Idibia patted herself on the back. I am incredibly proud of you. I’d like to give you a big embrace. You’ve been through hell and back since you were a child.

She also revealed that, since she started SS1 in secondary school, she has never been able to enjoy break time like other students since she has had to sneak out of class to help her mother with her side business.

“She never knew what it felt like to go on ‘break time’ like other kids in school because that was when she sneaked out of school to rush to the market (where the very old gateman, who was definitely in his 50s, became her friend) to buy her mother’s pepper soup ingredients that she would have to cook after school and sell in front of their Boys Quarters in Mobil, VI,” the actress continued.

“She’ll wait till her single mother gets off work by 7 p.m. to take over from her (mom was a cook),” says the mother. “Those hours before 7 p.m. were the longest ever because she’d only have a few hours left to study and finish her homework before bedtime.”

Despite everything she was going through at the time, the director said she always had a smile on her face. She also boasted about her scholastic achievements, claiming to be an ace student in mathematics and physics.

“However, while serving their customers, she always had a bright smile on her face. She was a natural at math and physics. If you’d ever had the opportunity to meet her. She always had a big bright smile on her face and dreams that were much bigger than her own (so I thought). The universe had a habit of showering her with blessings. She was filled with love, and she wanted to share it. “Such a deep and unconditional love.”

Idibia took use of the moment to congratulate herself for never giving up, adding, “I want to thank myself for never giving up on me.” I did not let the NOs to discourage me or cause me to lose focus. I’d like to express my gratitude for being so determined in pursuing my goals and objectives. I’d like to express my gratitude. I’d like to hug you, Annie.

“You’ve gone a long way, girl. and you’ve done an excellent job (aspiring to do better and wiser). Adulthood is still the most difficult stage. The adage “whatever doesn’t kill you makes you stronger” applies perfectly to this girl’s life; she is now a powerful woman! I haven’t even begun; I’m simply scratching the surface right now.”