JUST IN – Clergy urges govt. to support efforts to strengthen the church

Most Rev. Nicholas Okoh, All Nigeria’s Anglican Primate, urged the government on Saturday to support efforts to strengthen the country’s church.

Okoh, who gave the charge for Christ at the 2019 Abuja Carnival, said the Church was a strong foundation for unity and nation-building strength.

He said that the theme of the Carnival, “Ebenezer: Thus Far Has The Lord Helped Us,” was to proclaim the love of God and to reflect on God’s eternal attributes, unchanging nature, and faithfulness.
“There is hope in Nigeria and Nigerians must not give up hope.
“Hope is the last thing anyone should lose. If you have hope, there will be tomorrow for you, because you will be strong and ready for any opportunity.

“But, anyone without hope is finished because he goes about moody, angry and depressed. Before you know it, that person will die,” he said.
Okoh remembered that many people were hoping for a nation that they could call their own because they had been devastated by war and crises.

He noted that despite the frictions, Nigerians had managed to live together and moved on, and advised leaders to be fair to all segments of the population.

The retired Primate of the Church of Nigeria (Anglican Communion), Archbishop Peter Akinola, in a remark, urged Christians to continue praying for the nation.