Kidnap Kingpin Punished Rapist Gang Member (How)?

Maduabuchi Amamba, a kidnap kingpin, has recounted how he punished one of his gang members, Ifeanyi Sylvanus, for raping one of their female victims.

Amamba, also known as Commander, said he has deducted N40,000 from the ransom share of Sylvanus as a penalty for his actions.

He said this when the intelligence response team led by Abba Kyari paraded him.

Five vehicles and 10 mobile phones belonging to their victims were reportedly seized from them, as were anAk-47 rifle, a pump-action gun, five locally-made pistols and cartridges.

Amamba, 30-year-old Osisioma Local Government Area native, told police that he engaged in several kidnappings including the abduction of a reverend father who they released after raising N400,000 ransoms.

He said, “I met with members of my gang in Osisioma area of Umugbede where we smoke Indian hemp and cocaine. My father was sick and he was not being handled with any income. One of my friends called Chiemka aka Niggar carried me to the joint where I met other colleagues.

“We went for a robbery in Osisioma area of Amafife in January 2019, we robbed a woman from her shop and we snatched her purse. Niggar said he has long monitored the woman. We were four going for the robbery and we made N35,000.

“We then abducted a woman from a Jeep. We brought her to the house at Ojaba. The person who brought the job to us said the woman could afford N20 m ransom, but ultimately her husband paid N2 m. “Sylvanus said he watched the woman at the prison, adding that he knew she was raped after she was shot.

“I was not aware the woman was raped by Ifeanyi (Sylvanus). I got information about what he’d done after the ransom was paid and I told him. He admitted four times to having sex with the woman. As a penalty, I deducted N40,000 from his share, and gave him N120,000.

“We then sold the vehicle of the woman to one Sunny residing for N400,000 in Imo State. We abducted an Attorney on Obingwa Road in January 2020. He’d been in our camp for three days. The man paid ransom for N200,000, and I got N34,000 as my share. My friends sold a car for the judge, too.

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