Man Who Chopped Off Own Penis, Had It Reattached, And Still Has Erections


A man who had a history of paranoid schizophrenia chopped
off his own penis during an “act of deliberate self-harm” but
had it reattached within 24 hours.
According to the Mail Online the 34-year-old, from
Birmingham, was discovered unconscious at his home after
the psychotic episode where a kitchen knife was used to
amputate his Instruments.
Details regarding the gruesome injury were released by
the British Medical Journal which included an account of
further self-inflicted knife wounds on his body.
The unidentified man was taken to
University Hospitals Birmingham NHS Foundation Trust in
an ambulance while his penis was packed with ice.
At the time he was resuscitated and taken into theatre his
penis had been severed for 23 hours.
With previous medical evidence suggesting that a penis must
be reattached within 15 hours, the chance of a successful
operation appeared remote.
Doctors took a vein from the patient’s arm to get the blood
flowing again into the man’s penis once it had been sewn
back on.
Over the following weeks, his penis was cleaned daily with
antiseptics to prevent infection and antibiotics were also
The 34-year-old man also underwent skin grafts and
according to the British Medical Journal the man was able to
“achieve a full erection as early as 6 weeks”.
Given the significance of the amputated organ, replantation
was attempted in this case despite the long warm and total
ischemia (loss of blood to an organ) time, which is the
longest in reported literature,” the journal read.
“The success of this case, therefore, should encourage
surgeons to attempt penile replantation, even with prolonged
ischemi time, due to possible success and the potential
physical and psychosocial effects of organ loss for the
Earlier this year two men found themselves in hospital
suffering from swollen joysticks after they injected piles
cream into their manhoods to achieve ‘extra girth’.
The drunken pair were inspired by a bogus YouTube video
that offered tips on how men can watch their penis grow.
Medical experts concluded that they had probably blocked
their lymph vessels in the penis preventing normal filtering
processes and were given medication to treat the swelling.