Mohbad Tops Apple Music Chart, Overtakes Burna Boy


A prominent Nigerian artist recently passed away, leaving his fans in mourning. Mohbad, the artist in question, tragically lost his life a few days ago, and the circumstances surrounding his demise remain uncertain, causing frustration among his dedicated followers.

Remarkably, Mohbad’s song “Peace” has now claimed the coveted top spot on the Apple Music Top 100 chart. This achievement is bittersweet, as it reflects both his musical prowess and the sense of loss felt by his admirers.

In the realm of music, Mohbad’s influence continues to be felt, with his single “Ask About Me” currently occupying the second position on the chart, displacing Burna Boy’s “City Boys” to third place. Furthermore, “Feel Good” has secured the fourth spot, a testament to the enduring loyalty of his fans.

However, concerns persist among his supporters regarding the financial well-being of his wife and their five-month-old infant child. They fear that the proceeds from his posthumous success may not reach his family due to potential complications.

In response to this situation, some netizens have voiced their opinions:

@godspower_omoveh   has suggested that since Mohbad was not affiliated with any record label, it’s crucial for his family to identify who has control over his bank accounts linked to these payment platforms. This precaution is to ensure that the substantial earnings generated after his passing are rightfully directed to his family, as they may not be well-versed in such matters.

@tkinzystar expressed a hope that individuals should be celebrated during their lifetime, echoing the sentiment that Mohbad’s posthumous recognition is both a blessing and a reminder of the need for appreciation during one’s life.

@shutter__bg7 expressed dissatisfaction with the timing of this recognition, reflecting on the fact that such acclaim didn’t come while the artist was alive.

@obaksolo advocated for the transfer of Mohbad’s catalog to his wife, highlighting the importance of securing the future of his family.

@ladyque_1 expressed hope that Mohbad’s son and wife will benefit from the proceeds generated by his music.

@psiykehimself_ emphasized that genuine fans had been appreciating Mohbad’s music long before his passing, underlining the authenticity of his fanbase.

In this time of both celebration and mourning, the concern for Mohbad’s family remains at the forefront, as fans and netizens hope that the financial legacy left by the artist will provide for his loved ones.

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