“Mohbad’s father is either bribed or not his real parent” — Kenyan lady says, exposes whereabouts of Sam Larry (Video)


Cinderella has joined the call for justice for the late Nigerian singer, who died at the age of 27.

According to the fan, Sam Larry, who is accused of bullying the late singer, is currently hiding in Kenya despite being a suspect in Mohbad’s death.

She urged the Nigeria Police Force and every authority necessary to double efforts on the investigation surrounding the death of the singer and possibly extradite Sam Larry.

I want to confirm to Nigeria that Sam Larry is hiding in Kenya and his location is not hidden. I believe Sam Larry is a person of interest in shedding light on the circumstances of Mohbad’s death,” she stated.

Expressing anger about the public utterances of Mohbad’s father, she emphasized how his interviews are infuriating and ridiculous.

“You cannot watch as your son is bullied to death and you come out to talk nonsense only when money is involved. It’s either you have paid and pretending to be scared or you are not his real father,” she stated in part.

Watch the video below;

Watch the video below;



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