Nigerian Death Stabbed In India By Nigerian

In Hennur, East Bengaluru, India, a 39-year-old Nigerian man known only as Morado was stabbed to death by another Nigerian named Samuel.

According to the Times of India, a fight broke out between the two men over a plate that Samuel borrowed from Morado to buy food at a restaurant.

After forgetting the item on the spot, Morado was said to have beaten Samuel in anger, who soon retaliated in a deadly manner.

Police said, “Samuel and Morado were having a party at a common friend’s house in Hennur on Friday night.

“Saturday afternoon, Samuel took Morado’s lunch box to buy chicken from the African Kitchen, a food company in Hennur.
“Samuel forgot the joint lunch box and wrapped the chicken in foil of aluminum.

“When Morado, who was in an unbroken state, saw his lunch plate gone, he hit and slapped Samuel. Others intervened and pacified them. “Samuel would not let it slide, however, as he later appeared with a kitchen knife at Morado’s house in Janakiram Layout to ask for an apology.

There was a shouting match that ended with Samuel stabbing Morado in the chest and stomach.

Neighbors called the police, and Samuel was arrested, who was hiding in the kitchen of Morado.