NIN: Telecom Consumers Reject January Introduction Of Digital Token


Telecom consumers under the aegis of the National
Association of Telecoms Subscribers have kicked against
the plan by the Federal Government to introduce a suite of
digital tokens to enhance the verification of the National
Identity Number, effective January next year
According to the Federal Government, the digital token
consisting 16 alphabets and numbers will be accepted for
third-party verification, instead of the 11-digit NIN.
The development has been greeted with mixed reactions
from Nigerians.
However, the President, NATS, Adeolu Ogunbanjo, said
the move was currently uncalled for, and shouldn’t be
implemented without proper consultation with
He said, “Why can’t the FG engage stakeholders before
coming up with this plan? It is a serious policy and they
didn’t even engage stakeholders. Why can’t we do that?
“Until they discuss with all relevant stakeholders, and we
look at the merits and demerits; they can’t impose this on
Ogunbanjo recalled the development was coming barely a
year after the Federal Government mandated citizens to
link their SIMs to their NINs within a short period, forcing
many Nigerians to besiege registration centres.
He said, “I do not know why the FG is always rushing
things on its citizens, remember when they were also
going to start the SIM-NIN linkage, it was announced in a
hurry too.
“Why is this government rushing its citizens without proper
enlightenment? Nobody knows what this V-NIN is all
about, they are coming up with it this month and they
want to implement it next month. They must start
educating the citizenry first.
“We are not sure if the Federal Government doesn’t have
an agenda with all these things. This is because we now
have about five or six different means of national