“People stopped listening to his music after he left marlian records” Ruger on Mohbad’s death


Ruger, during a recent interview, shared his thoughts on the controversies surrounding Mohbad’s untimely death.

The passing of Mohbad raised numerous questions, especially due to his tumultuous relationship with his former record label, Marlian Records, headed by Naira Marley.

Before his tragic demise, Mohbad had repeatedly accused Marlian Records of seizing his music rights and owing him money, resulting in a toxic and bitter dispute.

In the interview, Ruger addressed the role of fans in an artist’s career, suggesting that they might have played a part in Mohbad’s emotional state before his passing. He pointed out that fans also share some responsibility for an artist’s well-being.

When Mohbad left Marlian Records, many fans reportedly stopped supporting his music. Ruger argued that if fans continued to show their love and support for artists even after they leave their record labels, it could prevent them from feeling depressed and encourage them to keep creating music.

Ruger also raised a troubling issue: some fans, in their passion for artists, have been known to engage in confrontations with the artist’s family and close friends when controversies arise. This behavior, Ruger suggested, can further worsen an artist’s mental and emotional state.

Nigerians have responded to Ruger’s statement in various ways. Some empathize with his perspective, understanding that fan support plays a crucial role in an artist’s career. Others, however, have criticized him, believing that if he has nothing positive to contribute, he should remain silent on the matter.

In a recent development, our correspondent had reported that the police have named a prime suspect in Mohbad’s unfortunate passing, an auxiliary nurse who allegedly administered an injection that led to his demise. However, netizens are demanding that the identity and pictures of this woman be made public, as her involvement remains shrouded in mystery.

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