Popular Nigerian Singer [SolidStar,] Seriously Sick, Family Begs Financial Support


Nigerian musician, Joshua Iniyezo, widely recognized as SolidStar, is currently facing a serious health challenge.

According to a report from ONIFTV, Joseph, who happens to be SolidStar’s sibling, shared the singer’s health condition through a post on the official Instagram account. The undisclosed illness has left SolidStar not only physically unwell but also struggling with severe mental health issues.

Joseph reached out to the public and SolidStar’s peers, urging them to provide financial assistance to aid the ailing artist’s recovery. He highlighted that the family has already expended significant resources in their efforts to help SolidStar regain his health.

In his message, Joseph conveyed, “Greetings everyone, my name is Joseph Iniyezo, and I am SolidStar’s brother. I’m taking this platform to inform his fans, friends, and colleagues within the industry that SolidStar is currently grappling with a serious illness.”

He went on to explain the recent lack of activity from SolidStar, attributing it to his ongoing health struggles, both physically and mentally. Joseph acknowledged that there might have been misunderstandings between SolidStar and his acquaintances due to his health situation, but he emphasized that SolidStar’s condition is not within his control, given his serious illness.

“While we initially believed we could address this matter privately, our efforts have fallen short, and now we require your assistance. Friends and colleagues, we implore you to come forward and support him during this trying time. If there ever was a moment when he needed your support, it is undoubtedly now.”

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