Southern Kaduna assassinations: Buhari must speak directly to the victims, not through intermediaries – Shehu Sani


According to Sani, listening to the people of Southern Kaduna through political pipes is not good enough for a President who has spent the majority of his life in the state, adding that finding solutions to the ongoing bloodshed in the southern part of Kaduna requires a genuine leadership approach, which Buhari must personally lead and not by proxy as has been the case since he became president six years ago.
Sani said there was no real reason for President Muhammadu not to have visited Kafanchan on a solutions-finding meeting with the people in the area when a southern Kaduna youth movement paid him a visit in Kaduna.

“I don’t see why President Buhari, who is in his sixth year in office, couldn’t take a day to go to Kafanchan and sit down with the people, listen to their issues, and come up with answers together. President Buhari has spent more than four decades in Kaduna than he has in Katsina, his native state.
“It is impossible for President Buhari to hear the truth and reality in Southern Kaduna if the message must transit through political channels before reaching him,” he said.
“The Southern Kaduna region has been deemed different by the rest of the State because of their political choices, religious identities, and ethnic affiliations,” he added.

“If the President is a father to everyone, he must listen to the misery of the Southern Kaduna People directly from traditional rulers, political leaders, youths, and women representatives in order to receive the finest suggestions on how to cease the systematic killings in the region. I was one of the many persons who believed that Southern Kaduna was an underdeveloped portion of Kaduna State as a result of years of political, economic, and social marginalization, which I referred to as apartheid against the people of Southern Kaduna.

“As indigenes and inhabitants of this state, Providence has brought us together. In order to construct the State, we needed to come together as a people and respect each other’s religion and dignity. We in Kaduna Central and the Northern sections of the state are not faring much better; kidnappings are more common in the central and northern parts of the state than in other places, while killings are more common in the southern part of the state.
“The only parts of Kaduna State where you may find killings and kidnappings are Kaduna South and Kaduna North, but the rest of the 21 States are all in great danger,” he stated.