Spirituality, ethics and democracy must be taken along with governance in Nigeria — Obasanjo

Former President Olusegun Obasanjo has warned that until issues of spirituality and morality are given equal attention as governance, Nigeria will not achieve the desired level of socio-economic development.

The former president made the observation on behalf of the Benue State Catholic Dioceses at Igbor, Gwer East Local Government Area, just after a groundbreaking ceremony at the School for Children with special needs.

He said that it was imperative for the Church and the state government to always work together on socio-economic development issues in order to speed up the development of the states.

“We have a situation today in this country where those who need special attention among us are always neglected, according to Chief Obasanjo. And they are disempowered and in need because they don’t form associations.

“We have a situation in this country today, to put it simply and symbolically and significantly, where we are not where we should be. And we will not be able to be where we should be unless we take spirituality and morality along with governance.

“I must say that I feel encouraged with the statement of Governor Ortom that here in Benue state, the church and the state are working together. And that the Bishop of Makurdi Dioceses is also a farmer.

“The fact of the matter is that In any state in Nigeria, whether an oil-producing state or agricultural producing state we all need food while oil is a wasting asset.

“The oil that you take from the ground today is gone and gone forever but the land where you produce food is a renewable resource. And I believe that one of the things that we must be emphasizing in all states of the federation is that there is no alternative to agriculture for our development and economic progress.

“It is on that basis that I must commend the church for this laudable project that is intended to cater for the needs of the forgotten in our society.”

The Catholic bishop of Makurdi dioceses, Rev. Wilfred Anagbe, was commended by Governor Samuel Ortom for implementing and supporting the government of the state.

Most Rev. Anagbe said in his speech: “The purpose of the project is to give meaning to the lives of those who are neglected and considered not to be of use to us.” He assured that the project would be completed in record time to serve the purpose for which it was being built.

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