Strategies to overcoming marriage challenges

Categorically, as an advice to couples who are facing these challenges, they should first of all do the following: Seek from God to know the purpose of the delay in pregnancy; Go through medical obs-ervation and check up to ascertain the reason(s) conception is being delay-ed; After adopting the first two advices, they should exercise patience to see what the outcome of the findings will be.

*Keep on loving them-selves and fulfill marital responsibilities to one another as it is stipulated in the Word of God; Ref-use to listen to negative suggestions from friends and relatives; shun provo-cative slangs from the ad-versaries who will, from ti-me to time provoke their hearts.

*Adopt Hannah’s method of enquiry to receive their heart desire (1 Samuel 1:1-18); Believe God that he shall bring to pass all their petitions.


The Oxford Advanced Learners’ Dictionary defin-es intimacy as “the state of having a close personal relationship with…” This close personal could be between friends, parents and the children, brothers, sisters, business part-ners, a husband and wife. In marriage institution, there are many things which stand as sources of power or pivot wheel on which a husband and the wife get united in life.

Here are some of them to consider: There are some individuals who are united to their spouse due to ge-nuine love within them; Some may be because of the beautiful or the hand-someness of the spouse, or the sexual satisfaction derived from each other; Some may be due to their financial and educational status; While others may be due to their cultural background; Some ties may be due to their religi-ous beliefs.

Whatever may be the yard-stick that intimately joined the couple together; we are much concerned with the lasting components of intimacy which make ma-rriages endure till the end of their lives on earth. In a typical African setting, we have some cultural school of thoughts in which when-ever there is a good inti-macy between husband and wife, they quickly concluded that something is wrong. A typical African person would like to say that such a man is a fool for giving his wife total attention. Some will even address the husband with such slang as being a “woman wrapper”.

There are some cultures that view women as child-ren and may not like to interact together with them, even at their own convenience or leisure time. Some family like posing unnecessary inter-ference just to disturb the peace of the couple and some do not take intimacy as part of ma-rriage at all. For some, the only area of their intimacy is when it comes to sex matters for procreation. When it comes to caring, the matter comes to a close.

Some cultures welcome intimacy because the wo-man has become the mo-ther of children and the attention will only be for the children while the hus-band may check out for a new brand lady outside for enjoyment. Some cult-ures too exhibit lack of in-timacy due to barrenness. *For enquiries contact: Apostolic Church, 3, Tree Power Avenue, Itire, Lag-os. Or call: Pastor Okokon Ating on:

08054121355, 08179072635


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