Swedish court extends A$AP Rocky’s detention

A$AP Rocky’s detention over an alleged assault was extended for at least another week by a Swedish court, pending the outcome of investigation by prosecutors. 
The American rapper has been detained since July 3, after being arrested on allegation of assault in the Swedish capital.

Ruling on the case, a Stockholm District Court agreed to an extended detention of A$AP Rocky “because of the flight risk”. 
Prosecutor Daniel Suneson now has until 25 July to decide whether to charge him. “This gives us time to complete the investigation” Suneson said. 

The rapper’s lawyer Slobodan Jovicic, however called the court’s decision disproportionate.
According to him, it was unreasonable to assume A$AP Rocky was a “flight risk” since not returning for a potential trial could mean that the rapper would never be able to visit Europe again, for fear of getting arrested.

“I am very disappointed, even though this was very much expected, given our regulations for detentions and that it’s very easy to detain someone,” said Jovicic.

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