Trump Accuses Netanyahu Of Disloyalty For Congratulating Biden After 2020 Win


(CNN)Former President Donald Trump railed against his
one-time close ally Benjamin Netanyahu in a new
interview series, saying he felt betrayed by the then-
prime minister of Israel’s video message to Joe Biden
congratulating him on winning the presidency
It was early. OK? Let’s put it this way — he greeted him
very early. Earlier than most world leaders. I’ve not
spoken to him since. F**k him,” Trump told Israeli
journalist Barak Ravid during an April interview which
was published by Axios Friday
Discussing his decision to recognize Jerusalem as the
capital of Israel — upending decades of US policy and
international consensus — as well as recognizing Israel’s
sovereignty over the Golan Heights, captured from Syria
during a war in 1967, Trump laid out why he felt so
There was no one who did more for Netanyahu than me.
There was no one who did for Israel more than I did. And
the first person to run to greet Joe Biden was Netanyahu.
And not only did he congratulate him — he did it in a
video. If you look at the leaders of other countries — like
Brazil — he waited months. Putin. Many other leaders.
Mexico. All of them also felt that the election was over.
But they, too, were waiting. No one did more than me for
Bibi. Money too. We gave them a lot of money and gave
them soldiers. We did everything.
Netanyahu did post his congratulations on Twitter and in
a video on November 8, 2020, the day after the race had
been called in Biden’s favor
Netanyahu said in that post he and Biden have had a
“long & warm” personal relationship for almost 40 years
and sees him as “a great friend of Israel” and looks
forward to working together
This story has been updated to correct that Benjamin
Netanyahu congratulated Joe Biden in a video message.
Watch video of Benjamin Netanyahu Congratulating Joe