Why You Are Broke…I Will Tell You


Why You Are Broke…

You are not broke because you are not making alot of money, you are broke because you have a HOLE 🕳 in your pocket…

Understand this… A porous pocket will make a mockery of your hard work.

Try to do this…

Impose a No-Unnecessary-Spending policy for One month… In that month, only spend on food and necessary bills… Don’t send anyone money… If your girlfriend or boyfriend leaves you this period, they never loved you, let them walk, you are fixing the ‘country’ ☺ .
During this period of No-Unnecessary-Spending, don’t buy anyone gifts or buy your friends beer….. Spend more time indoors… Talk to your children and let them know that you are conducting a financial experiment and that if it works, their future will be brighter.
Be strict and resist every temptation to soften your policy for any reason.

At the end of the month, you will realize one truth – YOU SHOULDN’T BE BROKE IF YOU DIDN’T HAVE HOLES IN YOUR POCKET.