You Should Have Allowed Igbo Enter. If Igbo Entered, Things Wouldn’t Be Like This. You Are Causing Us Pain” — Yoruba Fish Seller Tackles Tinubu And Sanwo-Olu Over Rising Cost Of Living


A fish seller at Oyingbo market, Lagos state has lamented the harsh ecomonic reality herself and other Nigerians are facing. Speaking in Yoruba, she said:

‘’Government please help us. You said we should vote for you Now we have voted for you, you are now suffering us. Fish that we buy at N30, 000 before is now N70, 000. Kote fish that was N15, 000 is now N40, 000. Please have mercy on you. We are hungry.

Please don’t us through this pain. We can’t go out again nor even eat.

This is the fish we sell to train our children. We can’t send our kids to school anymore. We can’t eat again.

This period is causing everyone pain. Don’t cause us pain. We can’t go out anymore. We don’t have money to sell goods nor eat. Have mercy on us Tinubu. Lagos state government, Sanwo-Olu have mercy on us.

We have voted for you. You shouldn’t be doing us this way. Al the promises you made you have reneged. You have cause us so much pain. You have not made us happy. Fish that we sell to save money and also send our kids to school, you have made us to stop selling them. Look upon us with the eyes of mercy. Have mercy on us. You are causing us pain.

We selling fish, we are in pain, the people buying from us are also in pain. Please have mercy on us.

Tinubu and Sanwo-Olu have mercy on us. We have voted for you. You Yoruba children, you have entered office now and you are now causing us pain.

Why didn’t you allow Igbo to enter office. If Igbo entered office, things will not be like this. You people said you will do something. You have not done anything. You are causing us pain.’’

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