10 Policies Announced By Sanwo-Olu During The Media Chat


Earlier today, I had a media chat where I announced over 10 policy measures backed with data that will go into effect immediately to aid our residents during these challenging times.

From flexible work policies for public servants to subsidy on government owned transportation channels to elements of free healthcare for certain key areas to launching affordable market spaces, every step is designed to uplift every Lagosian.

Let me share a bit more…

First, we are introducing a 3-day work week for Levels 1-13 civil servants, this measure aims to provide relief and flexibility reflecting our commitment to the workforce’s well-being.

We are also implementing a 25% reduction on transport services for the State Public Transport system (BRT, Train, Ferry), putting back over ₦500 million monthly into the pockets of Lagosians. With the Red Line Rail about to be launched, there will be a lot more options for our residents. We are also in discussions with various unions to reduce their own fares, and we will announce any new developments.

To address rising food prices, we will be opening Sunday Markets across 42 identified markets across the state to sell food items at really affordable rates. Lagosians will be able to buy commodities, not above the N25,000 threshold. We aim to serve over 500,000 Lagosians with essential food items at rates that defy inflation.

Four more food hubs are under construction and seven other locations in other LGAs have also been identified for more food hubs to be developed.

Our healthcare initiatives are set to benefit over 50,000 women annually with free childbirth services across the State’s General Hospitals and secondary health facilities, alongside distributing free hypertensive medications to individuals in need.

In our quest for a safer Lagos, over 200 unsafe structures have been demolished, prioritizing the safety of over 1 million residents. Major changes have happened at Obalende, Oshodi, Agege, Ijora and other areas. Our commitment to law and order is unwavering, ensuring a lawful and secure environment for all.

I am a big advocate for state policing and the Lagos Neighbourhood Agency has over 5000 officers and I have given approval for more to be employed. If the Federal Government approves full state policing, we will be ready to deploy 10,000 men with more training.

With the Lagos State Real Estate Regulatory Authority resolving over 1,000 tenant-landlord disputes, we continue to stand by the rights of our residents. We’re dedicated to ensuring fairness in housing for every Lagosian especially during these times.

On road infrastructure, we are set to start work on 180 inner roads across the various local government areas. This will be undertaken by our empowered council chairmen and they will fix 120 roads concurrently. The State Government will support this effort by rehabilitating 60 inner roads.

On the 4th Mainland Bridge, groundbreaking will be done in April signifying our relentless pursuit of progress. This monumental project will not only improve connectivity but also drive economic growth, marking a historic milestone for Lagos. It will be done in phases and I will continue to give timely updates.

On our partnerships with other states, we are working on improving collaboration with the Ogun State Government on various projects including taking up the stalled construction project especially from Sango area. We have also secured 500 hectares of land in Ogun State, to grow rice.

Already, the Red Line has entered Ogun State, and we are discussing ways to do more extensions. We are also always supportive of the Oyo State Government like with the recent unfortunate disaster where we provided material and expertise to achieve faster resolution.

This is the time for all of us to come together as brothers and sisters as we creatively find ways to thrive during this period.

I will continue to provide updates as we come up with more solutions.

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