Adelabu to Nigerians: Expect Improved Power Supply Between Six Months and a Year


Adebayo Adelabu, serving as the Minister of Power, has conveyed that Nigerians can expect noticeable improvements in electricity provision within a span of six months to a year.

Adelabu was among the 45 ministers inaugurated by President Bola Tinubu this Monday.

During an interaction with the press on Friday at Ibadan’s Ladoke Akintola Airport, situated in the Oyo state capital, Adelabu acknowledged the potential challenges ahead but remained optimistic about overcoming them.

“While we recognize that this is not an achievement that can materialize overnight, we firmly believe that once the groundwork is established, subsequent advancements can be made upon it,” he remarked.

“I can confidently state that we will witness discernible progress in the power sector within the next six to twelve months.

“Significant contributions to the national grid are on the horizon within the upcoming six months, primarily through the completion of the Zungeru 700mw hydropower plant in Niger state, a project of remarkable scale that is nearing its conclusion.

“Once operational, this facility will stand as the largest of its kind in sub-Saharan Africa.

“Compared to the 460mw output of the renowned Kainji dam and the 520mw contribution from the Shiroro dam, the impending addition of 700mw from the Zungeru power plant represents a substantial stride.

“I am steadfastly committed to ensuring the timely inauguration of the Zungeru power plant, thereby infusing an additional 700mw into the national grid.

“As we embark upon this new era, I am dedicated to leveraging every resource at my disposal to establish a consistent and reliable power supply across the country.”

Nigeria, acknowledged as Africa’s most populous nation and the continent’s largest economy, has long grappled with inconsistent power distribution since gaining independence in 1960.

Despite the efforts of successive administrations, the enduring issue of recurrent power outages has hindered industrial progress and economic advancement.

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