Assault on Ajaero: Labour Lists Six Demands To Shelve November 8 Strike


Concerned about the deteriorating health conditions of Comrade Joe Ajaero;

Outraged by the bestial treatments meted out to workers (including Ajaero) and journalists by the Police and Imo State Government;

Stunned by the complicity of a Federal Agency such as the Nigeria Police Force;

Irritated by the defence of the Imo State Police Command that they only took Comrade Joe Ajaero into protective custody (from where he emerged, battered, concussed, puffed-eyed, debilitated and condemned);

Worried by the conspiratorial silence of the Federal Government; and the aloofness of the various Security Agencies who were formally notified of our presence in Imo State but refused to take steps to offer protection;

Flabbergasted by the audacity and arrogance of Hope Uzodinma who feels emboldened and endorsed by the Nigerian Police;

The Nigeria Labour Congress and Trade Union Congress of Nigeria resolved as follows:

1). The Commissioner of Police, Imo State Command; CP Ahmed Barde should not only be investigated and deployed out of Imo State for his serial complicitous and unprofessional behaviour and conduct immediately;

2). The Area Commander of the Nigeria Police Force and all other Officers and Men in Owerri through whom the Police Commissioner supervised the brutalisation and humiliation of Comrade Ajaero and other workers be relieved of his office and stripped of his commission;

3). Mr Nwaneri Chinasa, Adviser on Special Duties who supervised the terror on workers and bestial brutality meted out to Congress President, Comrade Joe Ajaero be arrested immediately and prosecuted for his crimes against workers and the President.

4). We demand an immediate, independent and unbiased thorough professional medical examination of Comrade Ajaero in light of the physical and psychological injuries inflicted on him.

5). Other workers and journalists subjected to this inhuman treatment by the Police and the Hope Uzodinma’s goons be treated by the State and all the properties lost be restored immediately.

6). All the outstanding Industrial Relations issues as previously agreed with the Imo state Government be implemented immediately;

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