“I won’t be surprised if x-videos full their phone” – Very Dark Man reacts to the Lead British School video (video)


The trending video of a student of Lead British School Abuja bull**ng another has reached the desk of Very Dark Man.

The social activist went on a full-blown rant, talking about the failures of the current school system, and parents as a whole.

Very Dark Man said that if you listen closely to what the girl slapping the other was saying, she was talking about a boy.

He stated that it was worrisome that students of such a young age have possibly started to date boys.On the matter of underage dating, Very Dark Man said that a lot of young children these days have s*x tapes that are being sold on Twitter.

He went on to chastise Nigerians from blaming the teachers on the basis that they are powerless most times.

According to Very Dark Man, most teachers can’t correct students for fear of losing their jobs. He said that job of teachers these days is to teach students and nothing else.

Speaking of parents, Very Dark Man said they’re the ones stopping teachers from disciplining students. In giving an example, Very Dark Man said he has a friend who is a teacher that narrated a disturbing story to him. He said his teacher friend had tried to caution a student, and that the student threatened to get him fired through their parents.

The structure of the school system also received admonition from Very Dark Man when he said teachers no longer instill values and morals in students because the school system is against strict discipline.

In concluding his video, Very Dark Man said that all the students in the video deserved to be punished, including the person behind the camera. He said that the student behind the camera was probably the one who instigated the fight between the two students.

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