‘Mohbad’s Wife Secretly Undergoes 2 DNA Tests, Result Might Shock Everyone’- SDK


….Late Singer Mohbad’s Wife Wunmi Allegedly Secretly Undergoes 2 DNA Tests

Late singer Mohbads wife Wunmi has allegedly secretly done two DNA tests with both results not released to the public or to those around her…..

According to inside sources, all the while that Mohbads father was crying for DNA test to be done, Wunmi aided by a popular Yoruba Nollywood actress secretly did a DNA test and the result of that first test prompted them to do a second secret DNA test recently and the result of that test is with the actress and insiders allege that the result might shock everyone….

Sources wonder why the result of the two DNA tests have not been made public by the actress and allowing everyone to continue dragging Wunmi to do the test to save face…….

This is hoping that the DNA tests result will be made public to end all the drama that has shifted the focus of who or what killed Mohbad to if little Liam is his child or not…

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