Obaseki swears in LG chairmen, APC kicks.


The Governor of Edo State, Godwin Obaseki, on Monday, swore in the chairmen of the 18 local governments elected in Saturday’s council election amid calls by the All Progressives Congress to the governor to halt the ceremony.

Obaseki said the elected chairmen were carefully selected by the Peoples Democratic Party and elected by the people. He expressed confidence in the ability of the chairman to collaborate with the state government to bring good governance to the people.

He said, “I campaigned with all of you around the local government so I wasn’t surprised that you won. What amazed me, which I didn’t realise was the love and support which our people have for the PDP. Don’t let them down.”

Obaseki urged the new chairmen to focus on developing their areas and ensuring that the environment is clean, assuring that his administration would create alternative routes in areas where the federal roads have become dilapidated.

The governor said, “Today, we are in a crisis in our country, what is hurting Edo the most is in terms of our location of being at the centre of the country and therefore being connected to a lot of roads owned by the Federal Government.

“The Federal Government as you know today lacks the capacity to manage itself not to talk about rebuilding its roads so it could take a while if ever for them to be able to build those roads.

“We fortunately have other connections so our priority with you should be to design and work with the state government to build alternative state roads.

However, the APC Chairman, Col. David Imuse (retd.) said, “What was purported to be an election or selection process turned out to be nothing more than a sham.

There should be no attempt to swear in any person or persons as chairmen or councillors on the basis of the so-called election.

The APC is hereby urging all concerned stakeholders, civil society organisations, and the general public, to take note of this grave travesty and join us in demanding justice and fairness for the people of Edo State,” he added.

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