Primate Ayodele Cautions President Biden Against Invading Niger Republic


The revered spiritual leader, Primate Elijah Ayodele, has strongly urged President Joe Biden of the United States to exercise restraint and avoid contemplating any actions that might lead to an invasion of Niger Republic.

Primate Ayodele’s counsel comes in response to the recent coup d’état that resulted in the removal of President Mohammed Bazoum from power.

In light of escalating tensions, particularly spurred by remarks from US acting Deputy Secretary Victoria Nuland, Primate Ayodele has conveyed his message through his media aide, Oluwatosin Osho.

The primate asserts that any potential move by the United States to engage in military intervention in Niger Republic could be construed as an affront to spiritual and cosmic forces, potentially acting as a catalyst for a disastrous global conflict.

He emphatically stated, “Initiating such action could ignite a third world war, a path that is contrary to divine intentions,” underscoring that an invasion of this nature would be viewed as a “sinister and extremist endeavor,” thereby inviting divine retribution.

With utmost conviction, Primate Ayodele advised President Biden to refrain from imposing democracy upon the people of Niger Republic, advocating instead for their inherent right to determine their own course.

He argued that any intrusion into the internal affairs of Niger would not only disrupt the equilibrium of international peace but also blemish the reputation of the US administration.

Primate Ayodele cautioned, “The act of invading Niger Republic carries ominous connotations. Such an act would suggest a defiance against higher spiritual principles and may invite divine reprimand upon President Biden.” He further conveyed the potential consequences of such actions, including ramifications for President Biden’s political legacy, including his aspirations for a second term.

Primate Ayodele’s message also reverberated with a plea for judiciousness, stressing that the repercussions of military intervention in Niger would reverberate far beyond the confines of regional conflicts.

“I implore against any endeavors to invade Niger; the consequences of such an intrusion would ripple throughout global tranquility. Engaging in such actions would be premature and ill-advised, potentially instigating a worldwide upheaval,” he earnestly cautioned.

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