We Don’t Have a Choice – Indomie Reveals Why Costs Of Its Noodles Was Reduced


Dufil Prima Foods Ltd has announced reduction in price of indomie.

The producer of Indomie Instant Noodles explained that its product costs have decreased forcing a reduction in the price of indomie.

Mr. Temitope Ashiwaju, the company’s Group Corporate Communications and Event Manager, confirmed this in an interview with the Nigerian News Agency

Ashiwaju underlined the necessity of clarifying any misconception about the product’s recent price modification. He also said that economic realities had an influence on the firm, which had previously resulted in increasing costs for Indomie noodles.

He said: “For a listening company such as ours, we felt at some point in time, against our operational cost to adjust when things started to improve.

“We are not here to rip people’s out. Of course, if you starve people and make the products out of reach, it will also affect us.

“Reduction in prices came when the operational cost started to go down. “We don’t have a choice than to adjust to realities of times and other indices as they improve because serving people are at the centre of our core value.

“The moment we realised that things started to stabilise, we all hope and pray the economy gets better, as a responsible company, we felt it was time to do a further price reduction.”

Ashiwaju highlighted that the company has been operating in Nigeria for over two decades, with factories and installations across the country.

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