The debt saga between award-winning singer, Davido and Nigerian photographer and businessman, Abu Salami has taken a sudden twist with a man exposing how Davido’s father handles his messes.

In a lengthy post on his Twitter page, the man identified as 99% Nigeria (Pidom Nigeria), alleged that Davido’s father, Adedeji Adeleke is the reason he continues scamming people, reneging on agreements, bridging contracts, and more.

According to him, his father always comes out to quietly clean up his mess, pay refunds, or oppress whoever is involved if the person seems to have the upper hand.

He stated that this is the current situation of Abu Salami, Davido’s father is using his might and connections within the government to suppress his voice.

Pidom claimed that Davido’s father is using the Police to frame Abu to twist the narrative.

“Davido’s @davido father is the reason Davido goes about scamming people, in the name of celebrity artist. Whenever Davido reneges on an agreement, bridges a contract, takes money from people without delivering, his father will always come out quietly to clean up his mess, pay refunds for him in hundreds of millions, or oppress whoever is involved if the person seems to have the upper hand.

That is the current story of Abu Salami. Davido’s father is using his might and connections within the government to suppress the voice of Abu Salami. Rather than refund Abu his money, they are using the compromised Nigerian police @PoliceNG to frame Abu up in order to twist the narrative. But that will never happen. Abu must be vindicated. Abu wrote a petition to the police concerning this very case, as well as a threat to his life. But the police backdated Davido’s petition which he just wrote recently, to make Abu the accused, and Davido the complainant. The police invited Abu Salami to Zone 2 Alagbon, which he voluntarily honored. While at the station, the police asked Abu’s family members and everyone coming from Davido’s camp not to take photographs, do videos, or make any sort of recordings. But that same police went behind to take pictures of Abu Salami and handed them over to Davido’s camp on their request, so they could use it to tarnish Abu’s image negatively online with those useless charges. But that will not work.

Davido’s father, Mr Adeleke had already vowed to use his connections to oppress Abu Salami, because he called out Davido on social media, over his scamming attitude. As usual, Daddy’s boy, who flaunts audio wealth, while broke in real life, was boasting about his father to Larry Gaga, when Larry tried to interface in the matter”.

Man exposes Davido's father for oppressing Abu Salami

ONIFTV reported on Tuesday that Davido had arrested Abu Salami for signature forgery, cyberstalking, and Cyberbullying.

Photos which made rounds on social media, saw the businessman in police custody.

The news left netizens divided as many accused Davido of using his power to bully and oppress others.

In a leaked chat that surfaced online Wednesday morning, Davido while chatting with Larry Gaga over the debt saga, revealed that Abu Salami embarrassed him to the whole world. According to him, he couldn’t enjoy the birth of his twins because of the twins.

From the chat, Davido made several allegations about Abu and stated that his father has instructed him not to pay any money and should rather take the case to court for it to be decided.

Recall last month that Abu Salami had publicly called out the singer for reneging on a contract, claiming to have paid the singer N218 million to influence a football project for kids, which he failed to show up for.

To make matters worse, Davido had refused to refund him his money and had bullied him by sending thugs to him.

To add to it, Abu Salami had thrown shade at Davido as he compared him with his rival, Burna Boy.

Abu Salami stated that Burna Boy’s money can’t be compared to Davido, as he questioned how much Davido is making.

He claimed that he was present when Burna Boy transferred N15 million to a man who was in dire need of help, without thinking twice.

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