75-Year-Old Man Arrested for Allegedly Killing Wife Due to Sexual Deprivation


A man, identified as Gabriel Ahuwa, aged 84, has been taken into custody by the Edo State police on charges of allegedly murdering his 75-year-old wife. The incident reportedly stemmed from his claim that he was sexually deprived by his wife.

The spokesperson for the police command, SP Chidi Nwabuzor, made the announcement of the arrest during a press briefing held in Benin. Among the 198 individuals apprehended for various offenses, including armed robbery, kidnapping, and murder, the octogenarian suspect was taken into custody.

Nwabuzor conveyed that the arrested individual appeared unrepentant about his actions. After committing the crime, he purportedly asserted that his drastic step was the sole remedy for his wife’s prolonged denial of sexual intimacy.

Addressing the media, the accused explained that his wife had consistently rejected his advances for an extended period. He elaborated that despite having seven children together, his wife consistently rebuffed his requests for physical intimacy. According to him, he had raised this concern with both his and her families, but his wife remained unmoved by their counsel, persisting in her behavior.

The man further claimed to have heard rumors that his wife had been involved in relationships with certain pastors. In response to this situation, he took actions that he now deeply regrets, expressing remorse for his unfortunate choice.


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