Aiyedatiwa Pledges Loyalty To Akeredolu As Gov. Sacks Deputy’s Media Aides


Aiyedatiwa Affirms Unwavering Support for Akeredolu Amid Media Aide Dismissals

During Governor Akeredolu’s absence for medical treatment in Germany, Mr. Lucky Aiyedatiwa, the Deputy Governor of Ondo State, has once again expressed his unwavering loyalty to both his principal and the state government.

Addressing recent rumors of his alleged disloyalty, Aiyedatiwa firmly refuted these claims in a statement released on Tuesday, asserting that these falsehoods were propagated by undisclosed groups and individuals within the state with the malicious intent of sowing discord between him and the governor.

Aiyedatiwa’s spokesperson, Kenneth Odusola-Stevenson, emphasized, “The deputy governor remains steadfast in his allegiance to his principal, and no number of fabricated falsehoods can alter this fact.”

He further noted, “It is important to remind the public that this represents a continuation of the smear campaign initiated by the same individuals a few months ago, who disseminated false stories through various media outlets about the deputy governor. Since these falsehoods failed to achieve their intended results, the propagators have resorted to spreading fictitious tales of disloyalty to create discord between him and the governor.”

Aiyedatiwa also confirmed that he maintains constant communication with Governor Akeredolu on official state matters, highlighting that there exists no rift between them.

Akeredolu Takes Action by Dismissing Deputy’s Media Team

In a separate development, Governor Akeredolu has disbanded the media team working for Deputy Governor Aiyedatiwa, immediately reassigning all members of the press unit to their respective ministries and offices.

The governor’s directive, as conveyed by his spokesperson Richard Olatunde, mandates the affected appointees to surrender all government-owned assets in their possession to the Acting Permanent Secretary of the Deputy Governor’s Office.

Those affected by the dismissals include Kenneth Odusola, the Press Secretary to the Governor, Okunniga Oladipupo, the Special Assistant to the Governor for New Media, and Abayomi Samson Adefolalu, the Special Assistant to the Governor for Photography.

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