No Law Forbids Me From Being Minister While Serving My Country – Hannatu Musawa


Minister of Art, Culture and Creative Economy, Hannatu Musawa, has said there’s no law in the country that forbids one from being a serving member of the National Youth Service Corp and a Minister at the same time.

She stated this on Sunday in a statement personally signed by her.

She expressed dissatisfaction with what she called a barrage of “attacks and misinformation” since her emergence as Minister in the government of Bola Tinubu

Stating her position, she acknowledged that she’s indeed a serving Corp member “having been unable to complete the scheme since I was first mobilised in 2001.”

She explained, “I started the mandatory national service as a Corp member deployed to Akwa-Ibom State in 2001 upon the completion of my university education.

“I could not complete the service the same year after my redeployment to Kaduna State due to family obligations.

“Despite this, it has been my personal resolve and commitment that I will always fulfil this national duty whenever I am opportuned to do so,” the Minister stated.

She recalled that, “I applied to NYSC to be mobilised again for national service last year. NYSC graciously mobilised and deployed me to serve in Abuja where I have been serving in the last 8 months before my current appointment as a Minister of the Federal Republic of Nigeria.”

She pointed out that, “Contrary to wrong insinuations and false assumptions in a section of the mainstream media and social media where false accusations have been made, there is no breach of any law or constitution of the Federal Republic of Nigeria as amended regarding my current position as a Minister and status as serving Corp member.

“It must be said that there is no law of Nigeria or any part of our constitution and NYSC Act that states that a serving Corp member can not be appointed by the President of Nigeria or any other appointing authority into political positions.

“Equally, no part of our existing laws and NYSC Act says that a corp member must finish service before he/she can be appointed into political office. There is no legal and constitutional limitations whatsoever. I have not broken any law of Nigeria,” she declared

In furtherance of her defence, she cited that, “In a decided case before a Federal High Court Abuja in 2021, Justice Taiwo Taiwo ruled that the Constitution of Nigeria, which is the grundnorm, does not require anyone to even present a first-degree certificate or any other certificate, including the NYSC certificate to be appointed a Minister in Nigeria.

“I decided to participate in the current NYSC programme in fulfilment of my own personal commitment and out of sense of duty which I am proud of.

“I will continue to serve my country using every opportunity and platform. My current NYSC status which will end in another 4 months will not in any way impede the discharge of my duties as Minister of Art, Culture and Creative Economy, which, on its own, is a higher call to national service,” she assured.

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