“Cows Will No Longer Roam Inside Abuja, Affirms FCT Minister Nyesom Wike”


Ahead of the inauguration ceremony, photographs capture Minister-designate Wike and fellow ministers preparing for their new roles.

Upon his recent inauguration as the Federal Capital Territory (FCT) Minister in Abuja, Nyesom Wike pledged to terminate the practice of open grazing within the city.

In his official statement on Monday during the assumption of his office, Wike articulated his commitment to engaging in dialogue with herdsmen to find a constructive resolution to end open grazing.

The former governor emphasized that while herdsmen could continue raising their cattle outside the urban area, they would no longer be permitted to allow their animals to graze on the city’s manicured lawns that contribute to its aesthetic appeal.

He stated,Our intention is to engage with the herdsmen and collaboratively address the challenge of open grazing. We cannot permit cows to roam freely within the city limits.”

Explaining his stance further, Wike clarified, “Grasses intended for the beautification of the city are not meant for grazing purposes. These are distinct areas designated for enhancing the city’s appearance.”

Wike emphasized the necessity of addressing this issue, stating, “Imagine if you were in a prestigious location like the presidential Villa and were met with the sight of 20,000 to 40,000 goats. Such a scene could potentially create an unfavorable impression among visitors.”

In addition to this commitment, Wike also voiced his determination to clamp down on unauthorized markets operating within the confines of the Federal Capital Territory.

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