Create Ministry of Northern Nigeria Development — Group tells Tinubu


The Northern Consensus Movement (NCM) has urged President Bola Ahmed Tinubu to establish a novel Ministry of Northern Nigeria Development, akin to the Ministry for Niger Delta. This initiative is aimed at confronting the myriad obstacles hindering progress in the northern region.

During a press conference held in Kaduna, Comrade Awwal Abdullahi Aliyu, the President of NCM, emphasized the necessity of the proposed Ministry for Northern Nigeria. He underscored that the entire northern region grapples with a range of challenges that demand urgent attention.

Aliyu pointed out that the Northwest faces severe security breaches like banditry, kidnapping, and rustling, while the Northeast contends with the persistent Boko Haram threat and other related insurgencies. In the North Central, clashes between herders and farmers exacerbate tensions. Drawing parallels with the South-South’s Ministry for Niger Delta, Aliyu queried why a comparable Ministry for Northern Nigeria Development couldn’t be established, complete with a senior minister at its helm.

Despite the region’s political significance, the pressing problems that afflict it necessitate a more comprehensive approach. Challenges spanning education, healthcare, infrastructure, agriculture, and security have eroded the social fabric of northern society, fostering pain, hardship, and division. Irrespective of who occupies governmental leadership positions, these issues persist.

Aliyu underscored the importance of comprehending the underlying political complexities in order to formulate effective policies that will benefit the northern populace. The Northern Consensus Movement’s extensive evaluation of the socioeconomic challenges facing the North led them to firmly advocate for the establishment of the Ministry of Northern Nigeria.

Their conclusion is that this new Ministry would address the long-standing infrastructural gaps and challenges stemming from years of neglect. Once established, the Ministry would prioritize targeted project implementation across various sectors, including education, healthcare, security, agriculture, economy, environment, and women’s and youth development through skill acquisition programs. This holistic approach aims to rejuvenate the northern region and uplift its communities.

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