Four Die As Zaria Central Mosque Collapses on Worshipers


On Friday, a tumultuous event unfolded in Kaduna State as the Zaria Central Mosque tragically collapsed onto worshippers. Reports received by Naija News conveyed the grievous news that a minimum of four worshippers lost their lives, while seven others sustained injuries in the unfortunate occurrence.

The Emir of Zazzau, Mallam Ahmed Nuhu Bamalli, was quoted by Daily Trust, stating that the victims were engaged in the Asr prayer at approximately 4 pm when the incident took place.

He expressed, “We had previously identified a crack on the mosque wall yesterday and were in the process of arranging a team of civil engineers to conduct repairs. Regrettably, this unfortunate incident transpired before we could address the issue.”

In light of the tragedy, the monarch extended his sympathies to the families of the deceased and issued a directive for people to offer their prayers outside the mosque while repairs were undertaken. Furthermore, the Emir mandated that the funeral prayer for the deceased individuals would be conducted today at 8.30 pm within the emir’s palace.

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