How Realistic Are Tinubu’s Manifesto in Light of Present Realities?


When President Bola Tinubu was sworn in over four months now, the first thing he did in his inaugural speech was to remove petrol subsidy. Since then, he has the 10 promises of his manifesto during the 2023 general election waiting for him which are :

1. Build a Nigeria, especially for our youth, where sufficient jobs with decent wages create a better life.

2. Manufacture, create, and invent more of the goods and services we require. Nigeria shall be known as a nation of creators, not just of consumers.

3. Export more and import less, strengthening both the naira and our way of life.

4. Continue assisting our ever-toiling farmers, through enlightened agricultural policy that promotes productivity and assures decent incomes, so that farmers can support their families and feed the nation.

5. Modernise and expand public infrastructure so that the rest of the economy can grow at an optimal rate.

6. Embolden and support our young people and women by harnessing emerging sectors such as the digital economy, entertainment and culture, tourism and others to build the Nigeria of tomorrow, today.

7. Train and give economic opportunity to the poorest and most vulnerable among us. We seek a Nigeria where no parent is compelled to send a child to bed hungry, worried whether tomorrow shall bring food.

8. Generate, transmit and distribute sufficient, affordable electricity to give our people the requisite power to enlighten their lives, their homes, and their very dreams.
9. Make basic healthcare, education, and housing accessible and affordable for all.

10. And, most importantly, establish a bold and assertive policy that will create a strong yet adaptive national security architecture and action to obliterate terror, kidnapping, banditry, and all other forms of violent extremism from the face of our nation

I can laugh over this as it relates to today’s current reality because it seems someone is playing Nigerians. But seriously, Nigerians should take the issue of their governance very seriously.

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