How Can I Stop Sleeping With My Lecturer.


I’m a 300 Level student , I’ve used my life mercilessly in school, by that I mean IBave used my body to get grades and boost my GP, I was Introduced to this by my very close friend in the department, now she’s done with school and I’m stocked…

There’s this lecturer in my department that like to have an affair with Female students in other to give them good score…

I fell victim to his trap and he has been using me as S£x doll since 100level 2nd semester till now 300Level

Plz I dont know how to get rid of this lecturer what Should I do?

I’m so depressed and I dont know if I should just run away and leave the school because I look like someone that has been used and dumped.

The man just called me recently for same thing, but I dont want to go and I dont know what to do to him…..

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