Hunger Is Killing Us – Tinubu’s Supporter Prostrates, Begs President For Help


Following the cessation of subsidies subsequent to President Bola Ahmed Tinubu’s inauguration on May 29, 2023, there has been an unrelenting surge in the costs of essential goods and transportation.

A fervent supporter of President Tinubu has fervently implored for his intervention. The plea is directed towards preventing the dire consequences of hunger and adversity for those who rallied behind him.

In the aftermath of the subsidy removal upon President Tinubu’s assumption of office, the escalating costs of food items and transportation have cast a wide shadow.

The ramifications have transcended the individual realm, adversely impacting various enterprises. While some have been compelled to shutter their operations, others persist in grappling to secure sales and maintain viability.

A video clip circulating across social media platforms captures a poignant moment in which an individual prostrates himself, employing the Yoruba language to beseech President Tinubu.

Expressing his distress over the paltry commercial activity and the prevailing famine in the nation, he earnestly pleads, “Baba Tinubu, we beseech you. Our commercial prospects have dwindled. We entrusted our votes to you. Display compassion, we entreat. Spare us the remorse of our electoral choice. Our very survival is threatened by the grip of starvation.”

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