If You See A Man That You Want, Go After Him – Aisha Yesufu Urges Young Ladies In 2024


She said:

“My husband can say this and honestly I wouldn’t be bothered. I did see him, fell in love with him and went after him and it took 8 months for him to come around.

8 months later we were married. So it was a 16 months project! From Dec 13th 1996 to April 17th 1998.

I was 23 and he was 35 when we met. Today I do tease him that ‘na so e for miss better thing if I didn’t take the initiative.

Also whenever I tease him about taking long in making a decision he is quick to remind me that’s why I met him single.

I have never believed that I have to wait for a man to toast me. For what? Limit myself to anyone that comes rather than who I think is a good fit for me? Most importantly I was always okay single. It was the biggest surprise for many when I got married. I was the one that would have been predicted to be single and unmarried.

If you see him and want him, go after him, and it’s also okay for him to say you chased and got him.

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