So She Can Do This”– Mohbad Step Mother Order To Be Lock Up In Prison Over This (Video)


According to a popular Instagram blogger temilola Sobola, she revealed that the woman was distracting the court with her phone, and she was warned by the judge, but she never listens which make the court to order her arrest and lock up in the cell.

Though the moment of writing this content no information has reached us maybe they have released her, or she is still inside the prison.

Temilola Sobola Wrote: There was a mild drama in court as Baba Mohbad’s girlfriend who used to follow him to court was making different sounds and distracting the court session. She was warned but refused to heed. This got the Judge mad and she was ordered to be locked up. When the court sitting was over, people pleaded on her behalf before she was released…..

Watch The Video Below;

Netizen fume to the action as some saying that the woman own is too much while other said he his trying to defend her husband using the comments section, see the reaction below;

Tiwani WroteMama is standing up for her boo😂 can you blame her, las las she self go chop better after everything set finish.

Otunba121 wroteWhat this woman has failed to understand is that this matter isn’t about Mohbad’s dad. It is about getting justice for Mohbad.💔💔.

Bkyt20 wroteWhat is her business there, if not arinfin, how can you come to my child case God forbid. Girlfriend coming up and down , she was the one accusing wunmi when they were burying mohbad then.

Mrsgboregbe WroteSo many things are still not clear, and this man is purposely trying to sabotage everything. May God shed light on this issue. Good job again @temilolasobola 👏👏 love u ❤️❤️❤️

Oyinvalprin wrote: They won’t see all these useless things of Baba MOHBAD but all coming for Iya MOHBAD 😂 gbogbo yin eni 😎😎😎😎😎.

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